čtvrtek 27. prosince 2007

1) Richard was a little jumpy two days ago.
2) You look/seem jumpy today. What happened?

sobota 22. prosince 2007

1) Let´s go sledging!
2) He doesn´t feel like sledging.

středa 12. prosince 2007

1) the worst military tactician
2) Do you think that you are a better tactician than him?

neděle 9. prosince 2007

1) Would you like to play noughts and crosses with me?
2) I don´t like playing noughts and crosses because I always lose.
3) Let´s go to play noughts and crosses!

sobota 1. prosince 2007

1) I patted him on the back.
2) He wanted to pat her on the thigh.

sobota 24. listopadu 2007

1) It cost me a few bucks.
2) Do you want to make a fast buck?

středa 7. listopadu 2007

1) Don´t do it or you are going to screw up all my work!
2) We screwed it up and now we are trying to fix it.

sobota 3. listopadu 2007

1) Why are you pissed off at him?
2) This pissed off a lot of people.

neděle 14. října 2007

1) She took the hint and left.
2) They gave me a booklet with useful hints.
3) She dropped him some hints on what she wanted.

sobota 6. října 2007

1) How many compulsory subjects have you got?
2) Education is compulsory for all children.

pondělí 25. června 2007

GROW ON somebody
1) This place grows on me.
2) Holidays! "See you" in September! :)

neděle 24. června 2007

Have you seen the hilarious picture?

sobota 16. června 2007

1) I don´t believe you, you are kidding (me).
2) I met them in Switzerland. No kidding!

pátek 8. června 2007

1) He flinched a (little) bit.
2) She flinched again, but this time it was not from fear, but surprise.

sobota 2. června 2007

SORT something OUT
SORT OUT something
1) We sorted our problems out and everything is fine now. / We sorted out our problems and everything is fine now.
2) We have to sort some things out between us. / We have to sort out some things between us.
3) It´s time to sort it out!
4) Our problems were sorted out.

pátek 25. května 2007

1) My father was a brave man who never whined about anything.
2) If you carry on whining like that, I won't take you anywhere!
3) Stop (that) whining!

sobota 19. května 2007

1) Why are you ripping it?
2) What a pity! I´ve just ripped my favourite skirt.

čtvrtek 3. května 2007

1) Pity it´s going to rain.
2) It would be a pity if I didn´t pass the exam.
3) What a pity!

pátek 27. dubna 2007

1) Můj manžel je závislý na drogách a alkoholu. My husband is addicted to drugs and alcohol.
2) Byl to nejlepší den mého života a nepřeháním. It was the best day of my life and I'm not exaggerating.
3) Potom ho zbičovali kočeným bičem. Then they whipped him with a leather whip.
4) Co mám dělat? Chce se mi zvracet. What shall I do? I feel like throwing up.
5) Ráda sází na koně. She likes betting on horses.
6) Takže tě vyhodili kvůli mně? So they fired you because of me?
7) Přestaň si cucat palec! Stop sucking your thumb!
8) Obvykle má úžasné fotky. He´s got usually breathtaking photos.
9) Jste dost dobří studenti! You are pretty good students!
10) Nebuď takový slaboch! Don´t be such a sissy!
11) Co tím myslíš? What do you mean by that?
12) Měla malé, úhledné písmo. She had small, neat handwriting.
13) Snažil se ji uklidnit. He tried to soothe her.
14) Chtěli jsme si rezervovat pokoj, ale nebylo volno. We wanted to book a room but there were no vacancies.

white trash - white people who are poor and badly educated (in the USA)
1) Hang on!
2) Do you need the toilet right now or can you hang on for a while?

úterý 17. dubna 2007

1) It seems (that) you are you addicted to chocolate.
2) Are you addicted to surfing the Internet?
3) My husband is addicted to drugs and alcohol and lies me all the time.

sobota 14. dubna 2007

1) Why does he/she always exaggerate?
2) It was the best day of my life and I'm not exaggerating.

sobota 7. dubna 2007

1) Then they whipped him with a leather whip.
2) He didn´t want to be just a whipping boy.
3) When are we going to braid the Easter whips?
4) I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!

sobota 31. března 2007

1) At the moment there are a lot more vacancies on the 8th than on the 15th July.
2) We have a vacancy for a shop assistant.
3) We wanted to book a hotel room in August but there were no vacancies.

úterý 20. března 2007

1) The view from the top of the mountain is absolutely breathtaking.
2) He´s got usually breathtaking photos.

sobota 17. března 2007

1) What shall I do? I feel like throwing up.
2) Do you know that she threw up at our party?

sobota 10. března 2007

1) It was pretty cold outside in the afternoon.
2) The house has four bedrooms, so it's pretty big.
3) He was pretty sure (that) it was her.
4) You are pretty good students!

úterý 27. února 2007

1) He is a sissy, he is weak and cowardly.
2) Don´t be such a sissy!

neděle 25. února 2007

1) Give it to me now! And I mean it!
2) I´m sorry, I didn´t mean to be rude.
3) You know what I mean.
4) Don´t be so mean to me!
5) I didn´t mean to tell her but...

úterý 13. února 2007

1) She bet £500 000 on one horse but she lost everything.
2) Are you going to watch the movie with me? - You bet!
3) I bet she was beautiful.

úterý 6. února 2007

1) So they fired you because of me?
2) He fired twice or three times.
3) Don´t steal from your employer or he will fire you!
4) Without warning they started firing into the crowd.

sobota 3. února 2007

1) You've got such neat handwriting.
2) It came neatly wrapped.
3) Her boyfriend looked really neat.
4) We have the neatest mom.
5) What a neat place!

pátek 26. ledna 2007

1) Stop sucking your thumb!
2) I´ll tell you what sucked about the movie.

úterý 9. ledna 2007

1) Someone should soothe the crying baby.
2) What does he do to soothe his pain?
3) He tried to soothe her.

sobota 6. ledna 2007

1) Do you fancy a glass of beer?
2) What do you fancy for dinner?
3) She doesn´t fancy this place at all.
4) I´ll bet anything (that) she fancied you.
1. Don´t yell at me!
2. Do you know that freak?
3. She never gossiped.
4. A mobile phone is such a handy thing that...
5. Watch out!
6. Tell us the spooky story!
7. I feel like yawning.
8. Snowflakes were melting in her hair.
9. She fancies you.
10. Fix some sandwiches for us!
11. Don´t overeat! You´ll be sick!
12. Stop that giggling at the back!
13. Women should never hitchhike on their own.
14. She shouted at him that he was a queer.
15. She married Peter but he cheated on her.