sobota 30. prosince 2006

pondělí 25. prosince 2006

1) I overate myself because the food was so good.
2) Don´t overeat! You´ll be sick!
3) She overate because she was unhappy.

pátek 22. prosince 2006

1) When she saw the snowflakes, she started to look forward to Christmas.
2) Merry Christmas to all!

neděle 17. prosince 2006

1) They couldn't fix my old computer, so I bought a new one.
2) She went to her room to fix her hair.
3) Fix some sandwiches for us!

pondělí 4. prosince 2006

1) I feel like yawning.
2) What´s wrong with you? Why are you yawning all the time?
3) Stop yawning!