úterý 27. února 2007

1) He is a sissy, he is weak and cowardly.
2) Don´t be such a sissy!

neděle 25. února 2007

1) Give it to me now! And I mean it!
2) I´m sorry, I didn´t mean to be rude.
3) You know what I mean.
4) Don´t be so mean to me!
5) I didn´t mean to tell her but...

úterý 13. února 2007

1) She bet £500 000 on one horse but she lost everything.
2) Are you going to watch the movie with me? - You bet!
3) I bet she was beautiful.

úterý 6. února 2007

1) So they fired you because of me?
2) He fired twice or three times.
3) Don´t steal from your employer or he will fire you!
4) Without warning they started firing into the crowd.

sobota 3. února 2007

1) You've got such neat handwriting.
2) It came neatly wrapped.
3) Her boyfriend looked really neat.
4) We have the neatest mom.
5) What a neat place!