pátek 26. ledna 2007

1) Stop sucking your thumb!
2) I´ll tell you what sucked about the movie.

úterý 9. ledna 2007

1) Someone should soothe the crying baby.
2) What does he do to soothe his pain?
3) He tried to soothe her.

sobota 6. ledna 2007

1) Do you fancy a glass of beer?
2) What do you fancy for dinner?
3) She doesn´t fancy this place at all.
4) I´ll bet anything (that) she fancied you.
1. Don´t yell at me!
2. Do you know that freak?
3. She never gossiped.
4. A mobile phone is such a handy thing that...
5. Watch out!
6. Tell us the spooky story!
7. I feel like yawning.
8. Snowflakes were melting in her hair.
9. She fancies you.
10. Fix some sandwiches for us!
11. Don´t overeat! You´ll be sick!
12. Stop that giggling at the back!
13. Women should never hitchhike on their own.
14. She shouted at him that he was a queer.
15. She married Peter but he cheated on her.