sobota 31. března 2007

1) At the moment there are a lot more vacancies on the 8th than on the 15th July.
2) We have a vacancy for a shop assistant.
3) We wanted to book a hotel room in August but there were no vacancies.

úterý 20. března 2007

1) The view from the top of the mountain is absolutely breathtaking.
2) He´s got usually breathtaking photos.

sobota 17. března 2007

1) What shall I do? I feel like throwing up.
2) Do you know that she threw up at our party?

sobota 10. března 2007

1) It was pretty cold outside in the afternoon.
2) The house has four bedrooms, so it's pretty big.
3) He was pretty sure (that) it was her.
4) You are pretty good students!