sobota 30. prosince 2006

pondělí 25. prosince 2006

1) I overate myself because the food was so good.
2) Don´t overeat! You´ll be sick!
3) She overate because she was unhappy.

pátek 22. prosince 2006

1) When she saw the snowflakes, she started to look forward to Christmas.
2) Merry Christmas to all!

neděle 17. prosince 2006

1) They couldn't fix my old computer, so I bought a new one.
2) She went to her room to fix her hair.
3) Fix some sandwiches for us!

pondělí 4. prosince 2006

1) I feel like yawning.
2) What´s wrong with you? Why are you yawning all the time?
3) Stop yawning!

úterý 28. listopadu 2006

1) She found out that he was cheating on her.
2) She got married but her husband was cheating on her.
3) She married Peter but he cheated on her.
4) She cheats on her husband.

úterý 21. listopadu 2006

1) I feel queer.
2) She shouted at him that he was a queer.

čtvrtek 16. listopadu 2006

1) She didn´t tell us anything about the spooky castle.
2) The coincidence was spooky.
3) Tell us the spooky story!

sobota 11. listopadu 2006

1) Watch out for cars when you cross the road!
2) He called us to watch out for the police cars.
3) Watch out for the pickpockets!

úterý 31. října 2006

1) A car hit him when he was hitchhiking.
2) She said (that) she wanted to hitchhike.
3) He told me that he was not going to hitchhike.

pátek 27. října 2006

1) She was giggling at her own stupidity.
2) It was hard to stop giggling.
3) She was giggling at his joke when suddenly she saw her boyfriend.

neděle 22. října 2006

1) A mobile phone is such a handy thing that...
2) Don't throw the bottles away, they'll come in handy.
3) It´s a good idea to have always a first-aid kit handy.
4) This handy kettle was bought in Spain.

neděle 15. října 2006

1) She didn´t believe all the gossip.
2) Let´s not gossip about the past!
3) Stop gossiping!
4) Tell us the latest gossip!

čtvrtek 5. října 2006

1) A mystery is something strange that we cannot explain.
2) Why is your pillow fluffier than mine?
3) A slacker is someone who is lazy and does much less work than they should.
4) I like home-made brownies.
5) At my school you were regarded as a freak if you weren't interested in sport.
6) clubs, diamonds, spades, hearts
7) Don´t give me that crap.
8) I came up with a good plan but you refused it.
9) I didn´t have time to write letters to my folks.
10) I´m looking for a job with a decent salary.
11) If you work out, you do physical exercises in order to make your body strong and fit.
12) It's ridiculous to expect that she will love you.
13) She worked as a secretary despite her scruffy appearance.
14) Don´t bully them!
15) He got engaged to her 11 years ago and he hasn´t married her yet.
16) She yelled at them to get out!
17) Some of the waitresses were messing around instead of working.
18) The dough is stiff.
19) We hugged and kissed.
20) You have to tame your dog, it is quite disobedient.

sobota 30. září 2006

1) Do you know that freak?
2) I wouldn´t say (that) he is a freak.

pátek 29. září 2006

1) Why are you yelling at me?
2) Don´t yell at me!
3) I don´t know why but she was yelling at him the whole night.
4) She yelled at them to get out!

neděle 24. září 2006

1) Do I look ridiculous in this hat? (po LOOK nenásleduje příslovce, ale přídavné jméno!)
2) I think (that) the task is stupid and ridiculous.
3) It was ridiculous!

sobota 24. června 2006

1) He / It became tame. ("it" pro zvíře)
2) She never could do anything, her husband completely tamed her.
3) Reed likes taming lions and tigres.
4) tame - tamer - the tamest

čtvrtek 15. června 2006

1) Do you know who got engaged?
2) He got engaged to her 11 years ago and he hasn´t married her yet.
3) I called there but the line was engaged / ... .
4) I can´t get through because it is still engaged / ... .

čtvrtek 8. června 2006

Why are you such a slacker?

sobota 3. června 2006

That´s such a crap!

pátek 26. května 2006

1) Our neighbours are simple folks.
2) I didn´t have time to write letters to my folks.
3) That´s all for tonight, folks.

pátek 19. května 2006

clubs, diamonds, spades, hearts

pondělí 8. května 2006

1) It´s a mystery to me how he found it.
2) I got / received a mystery package last night.
3) Who made the record Magical Mystery Tour in 1967? (The Beatles)

sobota 6. května 2006

1) Paul, come up with something!
2) I came up with a good plan but you refused it.
3) It didn´t take her long to come up with a better idea. - nicer English,
or It didn´t take long and she came up with a better idea.

pondělí 24. dubna 2006

1) He has stiff behaviour.
2) The dough is stiff.

pondělí 17. dubna 2006

1) When I saw them, they were hugging.
2) She gave him a hug. / She hugged him.
3) Will you give me a hug? / Will you hug me?

pondělí 10. dubna 2006

1) She worked out in a ballet class three hours a week.
2) I need to work out a bit every day.
3) I worked out alone in the gym yesterday.

pondělí 3. dubna 2006

1) I had two pairs of scruffy pants here. Where are they?
2) Her child looked scruffy.
3) She worked as a secretary despite her scruffy appearance.

neděle 26. března 2006

1) I´m looking for a job with a decent salary.
2) Put on some decent clothes!
3) He lives in decent conditions.

pondělí 20. března 2006

1) I was bullied once at my new school.
2) We will (are going to) punish every attempt of bullying.
3) He bullies him every day.

pondělí 13. března 2006

He made (prepared) his breakfast. He took a slice of home-made bread and butter.

úterý 7. března 2006

1) Don´t mess around with me!
2) I was just messing around.
3) Who messed around (was messing) with that (it)? Who broke it? It was working (worked) yesterday and today it is not!

úterý 28. února 2006

1) Why is your pillow fluffier than mine?
2) My grandmother has always the fluffiest pastry in the village.