čtvrtek 5. října 2006

1) A mystery is something strange that we cannot explain.
2) Why is your pillow fluffier than mine?
3) A slacker is someone who is lazy and does much less work than they should.
4) I like home-made brownies.
5) At my school you were regarded as a freak if you weren't interested in sport.
6) clubs, diamonds, spades, hearts
7) Don´t give me that crap.
8) I came up with a good plan but you refused it.
9) I didn´t have time to write letters to my folks.
10) I´m looking for a job with a decent salary.
11) If you work out, you do physical exercises in order to make your body strong and fit.
12) It's ridiculous to expect that she will love you.
13) She worked as a secretary despite her scruffy appearance.
14) Don´t bully them!
15) He got engaged to her 11 years ago and he hasn´t married her yet.
16) She yelled at them to get out!
17) Some of the waitresses were messing around instead of working.
18) The dough is stiff.
19) We hugged and kissed.
20) You have to tame your dog, it is quite disobedient.

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